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Native Union’s Gorgeous Heritage Valet Also Charges Your Phone

Native Union’s Gorgeous Heritage Valet Also Charges Your Phone

When it comes to tech accessories, you won’t find a brand combining form, style and functionality better than Native Union. Whether you’re talking about their docks, speakers or cables, Native Union has always delivered and well before the curve of other brands. Case in point, the Native Union Heritage Valet Wireless Charger. As the name implies–and we’re sure you’ve figured out by now–the Heritage combines a sleek and stylish valet tray with enough space for your entire EDC kit with a wireless charging side that makes sure all your Qi compatible devices are charged all the time. While there’s certainly no shortage of great valet trays on the market, the Native Union option sets itself apart by taking an aircraft-grade aluminum core and covering it in a unique blend of the finest Italian leathers (deep Sapin green or bright tan Ocre) that combines both smooth and cross-grained options. Whether you’re using it in your entryway, on your desk or in the bedroom, this is one of the best looking valet trays we’ve ever seen–and it also charges your phone.

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