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Misa Digital Guitar

Misa Digital Guitar


Everyone wants to be a rock star. Unfortunately, the closest most people ever get is Rock Band, Guitar Hero, [insert random plastic instrument game here], and being an expert in those games won’t get you groupies. Now, thanks to the MISA Digital Guitar you can put all that learning (along with that stupid C++ programming you had to take in college) to work for you, and your entourage. It’s got effects, a touch screen (no e-reader functionality yet), sounds awesome, and best of all – it still looks like a guitar.

This is the most significant thing to happen to musical instruments in the last sixty years. (What about the Eigenharp? It’s got harp in the name and looks like bassoon. Since it won’t attract groupies it doesn’t count.) As of right now there is no cost associated with the “guitar,” so you will have to contact MISA about ordering.

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