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Floyd x Sonos Speaker Stands

Floyd x Sonos Speaker Stands

Whether you’re talking Flat Plank Shelves, a DIY Platform Bedframe, or DIY Heavy Duty Tables, Floyd has all the bits you need to pair with your own raw materials on your way to creating the perfect pieces of home furniture. Their latest release is less DIY and more audiophile because it’s a set of speaker stands with Floyd’s raw-material focus designed to accommodate Sonos’ incredible audio projectiles. As they describe it, “We drew on inspiration from everyday items in our lives that carry elegant, simple forms,” notes Floyd. “The slender steel frame of a high-quality bicycle, the tripod base of a well-balanced lamp, the continuous frame of a 1950’s dining chair.” Available in Black, Stainless, or Pacific Blue, Floyd’s The Sonos Stand features an easy up and down height adjustment while still being built for maximum stability. Whether you’re hosting movie night, using them as background noise while you cook dinner, or just enjoying your pad, these Floyd stands elevate your Sonos speakers to the next level.

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