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Sonos Move 2

Sonos Move 2

Sonos has added to its impressive lineup of portable speakers with the Move 2, an upgraded version of the original Move. This sophisticated portable speaker is a sonic powerhouse that seamlessly blends style with performance. Whether you’re chilling at the beach, grilling in the backyard, or simply grooving in your living room, the Move 2 ensures your music always sounds pristine.

Packing the signature Sonos quality, this portable marvel boasts dual-tweeters as well as a precision-tuned woofer. In fact, the Sonos Move 2 can now deliver true stereo sound offering a richer listening experience. Plus the Move 2 offers robust Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and can be synced with other Sonos devices to create an immersive soundscape. With an IP56 certification and a rugged design, its resistant to dirt and water, making it perfect for your outdoor escapades.

The Move 2 boasts an impressive battery life of up to 24 hours at moderate volume levels and it features reverse charging, so you can use it as a portable power bank for your devices.

With its impressive versatility and superb sound quality, this speaker is an audiophile’s dream come true. The Sonos Move 2 is available now for $449 and comes in three colors: white, black, and olive.

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