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Dad Grass Debuts Second Batch of Vintage Dad Pipes

Dad Grass Debuts Second Batch of Vintage Dad Pipes

There has been a distinct trend toward clean, minimalist, modern designs in the latest crop of cannabis accessories. We certainly appreciate the refined look. But, there’s nothing like vintage smokeware. The ostentatious, weathered, elegant look of vintage ashtrays, pipes, and lighters always impresses us. And we’re not alone.

The internet’s favorite CBD brand Dad Grass has resurrected its Dad Pipes shop full of unique and eye-catching vintage pipes. The first shop sold out in mere minutes and we’d expect this latest batch to sell out too.

Elegant and odd, this second batch of Dad Pipes includes some truly unique pipes with their own “true” histories. (These histories may or may not have been exaggerated by the Dad Grass team.) Either way, all of these pipes are usable and sure to turn the heads of any of your guests. We’ve got our eyes on the Vintage Metal And Enamel Hand-Painted Pipe as well as the Dutch 9-inch White Clay Pipe. These are all pre-owned, one-off vintage pipes that will serve you well in all of your future smoking sessions.

The Dad Pipes vintage pipe shop will open tomorrow, March 22nd at 10 AM PT.