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Buck Mason Vintage Collection 3

Buck Mason Vintage Collection 3

Following two successful collection of vintage items, Buck Mason is back with the third iteration of its vintage treasure trove. Hanpicked by the company’s founders, the third Vintage Collection from Buck Mason includes a variety of clothing, accessories, and home goods that speak to the brand’s ethos.

“Our signature styles draw from wardrobe staples of the past that are icons in their own right,” shares the Buck Mason team. “Timeless utilitarian pieces that represent the foundation of American clothing and culture today. Cherished for decades, these vintage pieces are as stylish today as when they first debuted.”

Highlights from the collection include a well-loved tan cinna loveseat, a handsome military captain’s wristwatch, a copy of Blue Train by John Coltrane on vinyl, and much more. The collection released on Friday, November 24th at 1 PM EST. At the time of writing most of the collection has sold out so act fast if you want to scoop anything up!

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