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Buck Mason and Moonstar Have Teamed Up to Craft Your New Favorite Shoe

American menswear brand Buck Mason teams up with Japanese footwear legends Moonstar for a revitalized version of the iconic deck shoe.


Buck Mason, in collaboration with Japanese footwear stalwart Moonstar, has revitalized the iconic deck shoe from the US Navy’s 1940s repertoire. The result? A timelessly stylish silhouette with a modern twist. Crafted in Kurume, Japan, these shoes boast a herringbone canvas upper, embodying a classic aesthetic while seamlessly integrating contemporary sensibilities. Moonstar’s renowned vulcanization process gives birth to the shoes’ natural rubber sole, offering not just durability but also enhanced comfort and flexibility. The meticulous kiln-firing and siping techniques ensure that each step feels like a breeze, making these kicks perfect for urban adventurers and weekend explorers alike. Whether you’re strolling downtown streets or navigating rugged terrains, these deck shoes in black, Vintage Navy, Vintage Olive, and Seeded Natural hues are your trusty companions.

Eager to step into timeless style and unmatched craftsmanship? Look no further. Buck Mason’s collaboration with Moonstar brings forth a footwear marvel that echoes the spirit of naval heritage while embracing contemporary flair. And the best part? These deck shoes are readily available online or at your nearest Buck Mason outlet. So, lace up and embark on your next journey with confidence, knowing that each stride honors the legacy of the past while embracing the innovation of the present. Get your hands (and feet) on these classics now, and elevate your footwear game to new heights.

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