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We love the refined, sleek look of modern smokeware. Today’s pothead is kitted out with gear and gadgets that would put Q to shame. But, we’ve lost some of the artful elegance of the classic smoker. We’re talking throwback ashtrays, kitschy lighters, and of course vintage pipes. Well, CBD brand Dad Grass is here to soothe our pain with their recently launched Dad Pipes. In addition to Dad Grass’ pre-rolled CBD joints and their own proprietary merch, you can head to the Dad Grass site to shop for “lovingly pre-owned vintage smoking devices.” This collection of retro pipes is like a digital flea market with each item bearing a story of its own. Like a Duchamp look-alike that would’ve made Sherlock Holmes proud. Or a pipe from The Passion of the Christ. Part art-piece, part practical smoking device, the collection is brimming with retro goodness. Sadly all of the pipes from the first lot sold out in minutes so keep an eye on Dad Grass for future releases.


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