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Continua Aluminum Water Bottles

Continua Aluminum Water Bottles

H-two-oh. It’s kind of a big deal. Along with being f-ing everywhere, the world’s most accessible resource does a lot of really cool stuff. It makes t-shirts on women acceptable. It hydrates better than Gatorade. It helps you grow “plants.” Most importantly, it’s the largest ingredient in beer. If you imbibe anywhere near the amount that we do, you need to get yourself hydrated lest you wake up praying to the porcelain god or incapable of movement. Basic plastic and SIGG aren’t the only options you have when it comes to portable potable. Continua has a new Monochrome range of water bottles with half litre capacity, twist top, and dishwasher friendliness. Basically, it carries a lot of water, looks good, does not quality as “heavy machinery,” and you don’t have to wash it yourself. It’s perfection in bottle form.

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