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The Roundup

Biomechanical Mic Stand

Biomechanical Mic Stand

Rock stars get whatever the hell they want – the women, the drugs, the access – but they’re people too. Much like the rest of us, they love the Internet. When Adam Gontier (lead singer of Three Days Grace) came across artist Chris Conte’s biomechanical arm he thought – like the rest of us – that it was awesome. But Gontier wasn’t content to leave it at that and move on to the next piece of cool material. He called up Conte and told him to build him a Biomechanical Mic Stand based on the work.

So Conte set about creating the special accessory to Rock Band: Skynet that you see here. Conte doesn’t seem to be aware of the fact that all we need after a robotic governator is a robotic rock star, but who’s going to argue when the end product is this cool even before autotune?

While this was originally a one-time casting of three, we’re sure he’ll be back with more.

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