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Bushmills Rounds Out the Rare Cask Series With a $2,600 Bottle of Single Malt Whiskey

The 31 Year Old Single Malt whiskey is Bushmills' fourth and final entry in the rare cask series.


On May 21st, Bushmills Irish Whiskey unveiled the pièce de résistance in their Rare Casks series: the 31-Year-Old Single Malt, Rare Cask 04. This final installment in the limited high-age-statement collection stands as a testament to Bushmills’ 400-year legacy of whiskey-making mastery. Aged in a trifecta of bourbon, sherry, and virgin American oak casks, Rare Cask 04 showcases the distillery’s unparalleled ability to innovate within the Irish Single Malt category. No other producer in Ireland can rival the age statements and craftsmanship emerging from Bushmills.

Rare Cask 04’s journey begins with 14 years in bourbon barrels and sherry butts, culminating in a finishing phase within custom-toasted American oak casks. The result? A deep copper whiskey with a symphony of aromas: ripe fruit, warm vanilla, rich oak, honey, spiced pear, and dried fruit. The taste is an elegant dance of honey, vanilla, creamy milk chocolate, pear, sweet apple, and spiced coconut, ending on a note of warm vanilla honey and gentle spice. Available for $2,600 at and select retailers, this liquid gold is a rare gem for the discerning collector.

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