Rimowa makes the Rolls-Royce of luggage. Aesop makes skincare products that will make you feel years younger. The two brands have teamed up to create what is most definitely the most gorgeous toiletry kit we’ve ever seen. The Aesop + Rimowa Köln Travel Kit is an upcoming kit–as in you can’t purchase it yet, unfortunately–that includes all the drool-worthy Aesop products you’ll need to live your best life on the go, and they’re housed in what basically amounts to a tiny piece of Rimowa luggage. What, exactly, do you get in the Aesop + Rimowa Köln Travel Kit? Classic Shampoo and Classic Conditioner. Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser and Body Balm. Mouthwash. Toothpaste. And a trio of Parsley Seed Skin Care staples. In other woods, it’s everything you need to feel refreshed and revived on the go–housed in the classic Rimowa aluminum case that’s lined with a wooden inlay and just the right amount of elastic straps to keep it all in check.


Hemp skincare is on the rise around the world as the infamous oils derived from the cannabis plant have been found to drastically improve various skin conditions. Enter Hey Bud Skincare, Australia’s #1 hemp skincare brand. Whether you use their Detoxifying Hemp Clay Mask, Hydrating Facial Moisturizer, Glowing Face Oil, Hyaluronic Acid + Hemp Serum or Daily Hemp Gel Cleanser, there’s a Hey Bud product that will help improve your skin in a month or less. Even better, get 20% off and a free clay mask with purchases $75+ (use code XMAS20) so get Hey Bud today.