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If you own a remote plot of land and you’re looking to build something like a writer’s retreat so you can except the trials and tribulations of the bustling city, there’s no better architecture firm to craft your dream than Seattle-based Olson Kundig. The Barr family faced a similar decision when they were trying to decide what to do with the family land outside Stowe, Vermont that Kathleen had been visiting her whole life. Tom Kundig saw the hillside overlooking a landscape of indigenous trees and foliage and decided to build a simple, multi-story cabin with all the amenities the family would need that wouldn’t detract from the surroundings. As he puts it, “This is an intentionally straightforward and economical cabin where the family can come together and take part in the adventure of engaging with the natural landscape just outside.” The end result is equal parts minimal and high design with plenty of gorgeous aspects, exposed wood and stylish accouterments.
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