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While we never really considered ourselves the type of people on the market for a private island, if we were going to consider it, the private island owned by Nicolas Cage would most definitely be at the top of the list. That’s where Leaf Cay comes in. Located in The Exumas in the Bahamas and clocking roughly 30 acres with a small pond and otherwise no development–according to sources he was scheduled to develop but never did–it’s the perfect blank canvas for all your island-building needs. Purchasing the property doesn’t include any of Cage’s unique artifacts like his dinosaur skull, pet octopus, or shrunken pygmy heads, but it’s still a worthwhile investment.


Fulton & Roark has been a hit ever since their launch almost a decade ago with features in the likes of GQ, Men’s Health and Fast Company. With the launch of their Fragrance Discovery Set, their popularity exploded. Each sample set includes a 1-2 day supply of all 8 of their best-selling solid fragrances so you can find the perfect one for you. Even better, the sample set comes with a $20 coupon code for your next purchase. Take your personal scent to the next level with Fulton & Roark today.