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Seth Rogen’s cannabis lifestyle brand Houseplant continues to deliver brilliant and practical homegoods with each release. Houseplant has just announced two new products that have caught our eyes: the Concrete Ash Tray and the All-in-One Rolling Tray. Both of these designs were made in collaboration with Concrete Cat, a Montreal based design studio.

The All-in-One Rolling Tray is a one-of-a-kind piece with built-in compartments for rolling, grinding, and ashing your weed. Only 180 units were made and each edition is unique.

The Concrete Ashtray is a new addition to the Houseplant lineup and offers a deep ash-catching well along with a joint-holding notch. The Concrete Ashtray is available in two colorways — Dragon Fruit + Dusk.

Both items will develop a patina overtime so you can continue to display your Houseplant treasures for years to come. The All-in-One Rolling Tray ($485) and Concrete Ashtray ($150) are both available to purchase now.

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