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If you’ve got a cool $5.6 million lying around, you can own the property where Elvis Presley himself celebrated his nuptials. “The Honeymoon House of Tomorrow” is a four-bedroom, five-bathroom custom home in Palm Springs, California built for Robert and Helene Alexander of the famed Alexander construction company. It’s certainly an eye-catching build with a unique “winged” roof atop a series of circular pods. Inside, the home is fully decked out with retro midcentury decor including a sunken party pad, art-deco carpeting, futuristic steel beaker-shaped fireplace hood, and stylish wood cabinetry. The circular construction offers panoramic views throughout the home and there is ample terrace space outdoors. Plus, the so-called “Honeymoon House of Tomorrow” is not only the largest Alexander-built home, it is the property with the largest pool. While the house if most famous for hosting Elvis and Priscilla Presley’s honeymoon in ’67, it’s also an impressive home on its own. The property is currently pending after hitting the market with an asking price of $5,650,000.

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