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Denham Place

Denham Place

Nestled on a sprawling 43-acre estate in Buckinghamshire, UK, Denham Place is a majestic piece of history with a tale as captivating as its grandeur. This 12-bedroom, 28,000-sq.ft. mansion, constructed between 1688-1701, has witnessed royal residents, including Joseph-Napoleon Bonaparte and Jerome-Napoleon Bonaparte from 1834-1844. It’s been graced by J.P. Morgan’s tenancy and caught the eye of Bond co-producer Harry Saltzman, who utilized its library as a filming location for M’s office in Live and Let Die. Recently, this historic gem underwent a meticulous restoration, seamlessly blending modern comforts like underfloor heating, air conditioning, and smart technology with its intricate, timeless details.

The main house boasts 14 bathrooms, family and catering kitchens, and even an elevator for added convenience. But the allure doesn’t stop there – the Grade II-listed coach house, steeped in charm, comes with pre-approved plans for a wellness transformation. Envision a future where this space evolves into a haven with a gym, sauna, steam room, and an inviting outdoor swimming pool. Denham Place is not just a property; it’s a journey through time, where history meets contemporary luxury in a setting that’s nothing short of extraordinary.

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