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At this point, you know that a great knife is just as important as a solid cutting board when it comes to preparing all your soon-to-be-famous dishes. But what if you’re not fully versed on the recipe or need a little help during the prep phases? That’s where the BLOK Smart Cutting Board comes in. A beautiful wood prep surface is combined with an embedded digital display to help you learn, prepare, and master all the techniques necessary to cook delicious meals through live and on-demand cooking classes led by expert chefs. The setup is easy to use, easy to clean, and easily rechargeable with the BLOK docking station, so learning to make all your favorite dishes–with the help of your favorite celebrity chefs–has never been easier. BLOK is next-generation cooking and experiential learning, so you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to get in on the ground floor. Back the BLOK Smart Cutting Board Project today.


Longing for the days when menswear was more gentlemanly? Onsloe has you covered with customizable, limited-edition clothing options. Curated in New York and made to order, Onsloe pieces are a modern take on vintage classics. The Crombie coat from the 60s beloved by Churchill and The Beatles is now the Abner, made from soft, rich wool and presented in a three-quarter length with contrasting velvet collar. The Karl Corduroy blazer and pant combine 100% cotton Japanese corduroy fabric for the perfect lounge-ier take on a stylish cord suit. Upgrade your fall wardrobe with Onsloe today.