Our dogs aren’t just animals we feed and take for walks. They’re our friends, our companions, and usually, we consider them members of the family. That said, why do we keep buying them cheap crap? We get them beds that are little more than sacks filled with cotton stuffing, toys that break after one use, and cheap collars made out of polyester or metals that snap or bend. Considering the money we spend keeping ourselves looking and feeling good throughout the year, we decided it was time to stand up for the dogs in our lives.


Farrow Co. Dog Collar

The folks over at Washington Alley definitely get it right when they note, “Who says high quality leather goods are just for humans?” in their product descriptions. That’s exactly right. Why keep your dog under wraps with the same old polyester dog collar that looks worn out after one trip to the dog park, when you can give them a high quality, U.S.-made, genuine leather collar that’ll last a lifetime? Aside from the 11-12 oz. Horween latigo leather, the collars feature solid brass hardware that looks great and can take a beating. For an additional 15 bucks, you can also add a custom name stamp. $55


Casper Dog Mattress

We spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on the right mattress without even batting an eyelash. Why, then, do we allow our dogs to sleep on a basic-ass mat from PetSmart? Or, worse, a mound of dirty old blankets in a crate?

For shame.

We’ve talked about it before, but for those of you who didn’t catch it the first time, the R&D team at Casper believe as we do that our dogs should sleep just as well as us. They’ve engineered their line of dog mattresses using the same durable and comfortable materials as their regular mattresses, in order to make sure our dogs get the best night’s sleep possible. If that’s not love, we don’t know what is. $125


Classic Lead in Caramel

If you’re looking for something a bit regal (and a little more affordable), check out this leash by the folks at Hartman and Rose. The classic caramel version features sleek styling with some embossed Italian full-grain leather (double-sided), black handle strap, polished gold plated hardware, and quality stitching—all handcrafted in Canada. $70


RuffWear Polar Trex

The fact is, it’s cold out there, and it’s only going to get colder. If you plan on doing any kind of extensive walking or hiking with your pup in the colder months, some solid footwear is an absolute must. We like the Polar Trex insulated boots by Ruffwear because they’re insulated, feature rubber soles to prevent slipping and sliding, and a zipper enclosure to ensure they stay in place no matter where you go. Do they look a little goofy? Yeah, sure. But are they great shoes that do the job? Yup. $100


Kind Dog Bowl

Kind is a new lifestyle brand out of Finland whose sole aim is to connect dogs and owners with beautiful, simple design. Their gripe? Your dog’s products don’t align with your home’s beautiful décor. Paw prints and cheap plastic bones are fine, but if we’re comparing them to the gorgeous ceramic bowls from Kind, the competition isn’t even close—we’re going with these. The simple, sleek bowls are traditionally Nordic in design, and their colors—midnight, feather, mist, and blossom—are inspired by nature. These bowls are beautiful, and you already know we’re suckers for thoughtful design. $41


Tanner Goods Canine Lead

Of course, what’s a solid collar without a solid leash? Our friends at Tanner Goods make some of the best American-made leather goods on the face of the earth. They make bags, wallets, belts, bands, tethers, and plenty of other stuff that lasts a lifetime. What we love most of all is that they kept our furry family members in mind with a limited line of dog collars, leashes, and even beds. Made in the U.S. from 10-11 oz. Meridian English bridle leather and featuring through-hole press fit rivets and a rotating brass trigger clasp that works with any collar out there, the leashes aren’t just sharp-looking, they’re functional. If you want your dog to look classic and feel as comfortable as you, this is the leash you’re looking for. $105


Pyramd Design Co. Puphaus

What happens when an industrial designer starts thinking about doghouses? Well, funny you should ask, because the Puphaus by the design team at Pyramd Design Co. conveniently answered that question—and it’s gorgeous. Pyramd isn’t exclusively a pet house design company. They do work for companies, individuals, and startups mainly, which is exactly what makes their Puphaus all the more interesting. The beautiful modern dog home features integrated food and water bowls, a floating roof for enhanced air circulation, corrosion resistant hardware, and beautiful Western Red Cedar, all wrapped into a package that’s easy to install, and exceptionally beautiful. It’s not currently available, but we hope it’s just taking a little long to release, since its main competition is way too expensive. Buy


Filson Collapsible Dog Bowl

When we think of Seattle-based apparel and accessories company Filson, dog products are probably the last thing that comes to mind. So imagine our delight when we came across these collapsible dog bowls. Made from water-repellent materials outside and lined with water-resistant nylon inside, the bowl folds and rolls for easy storage in a pocket, clipped to a pack (via conveniently hanging loops), or anywhere you please. If you’re always in the great outdoors exploring with your best friend, these bowls are excellent additions to your gear—especially when space is limited and quality is a necessity. $40

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