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Chadwick Parker and Joe Huang (aka BIGiDESIGN) are familiar faces around these parts for all their Kickstarter pen projects (PHX, Solid Titanium Pen + Stylus, TI Post, etc.). They’re back it again, using titanium (no surprise there) to create the world’s first solid titanium alloy double-sided screwdriver bit. End to end, the bit is the same size as a standard key is wide, so it won’t stab you in the leg or rip holes in your bag. Since it comes with a titanium keyring that you can add your keys to, the process of using it is as simple as turning your keys. In addition to standard screwdriver duties, it also opens beers, packages and can be used as a mini pry bar. It’s the perfect addition to your EDC.

Cool Materials Ballistipac Image

If you thought you had a backpack that did it all, you’ve obviously never seen the Byrna Ballistipac. The Byrna Ballistipac is a bulletproof backpack that provides peace of mind and added protection in emergency situations. With its selection of armored panels, the Ballistipac can shield against bullets and other projectiles, making it a valuable tool for survival in dangerous and otherwise life-threatening situations. Oh yeah, and it works as a backpack too so you can carry all your essential survival gear and daily essentials. Upgrade your personal security with the Byrna Ballistipac today.