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Despite the fact that there are plenty of companies making dozens of different permanent markers, the name Sharpie has become synonymous with the low tech writing instrument much like Scotch tape and Kleenex tissue. In addition to writing on just about everything and lasting damn near forever, it’s one of the best cheap pens you can buy. The issue with Sharpie markers has always been durability. Bobby Davis originally tackled that with the Tactical Marker. Since Sharpie discontinued the refill the original Tactical Marker was designed to work with, he set out to create the Tactical Marker 2.0, which turns the classic Sharpie Fine Point Marker into an indispensable EDC tool. The new Tactical Marker is made with an aluminum, brass, copper or titanium housing that’s designed to keep any color Sharpie Fine Point Marker safe and ready to go with durable O-rings and a knurled grip. The beefy Tactical Marker 2.0 is easy to use even with gloves on, has a post-able cap so you don’t lose anything, and is so durable you could drive your car over it (which they demonstrated in the Kickstarter video). 

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There are lots of gifts you can give or get that fit the bill, but few things check the boxes like a good bunch of cigars. That’s where La Aurora comes in with their Cigar Sampling Packs. The original Dominican Cigar company that has been hand-rolling high-quality cigars in the Dominican since 1903, La Aurora has the perfect gift for anyone on your list and they start at just over six bucks a stick. As if that deal wasn’t enough, for a limited time you can get free shipping to 43 states, so try La Aurora today.