• Spy-Bolt-4
  • Spy-Bolt-3
  • Spy-Bolt-2
  • Spy-Bolt-1

Based on the popular design of the KGB “drop dead” bolt but updated for the modern era, The Spy Bolt is a compact and secretive storage device that features a reverse-threaded head and storage area that allows you to conceal things like rolled bills, microSD cards and even diamonds. The O-ring at the top adds water and weather-proof protection for all your tiny valuables, and despite the fact it’s not anything most us really need, it still makes us all feel like super agents even if we’re just using it as an emergency cash store.


Modern car air fresheners suck–unless you’re using drift. Made in the USA, drift is a fantastic smelling wood air freshener that magnetically attaches to your car visor. Each freshener is made from sustainably sourced cedarwood and soaked in essential and fragrant oils to deliver real scents–without harmful chemicals like phthalates, parabens, and formaldehyde. New scents are delivered monthly and include seasonal favorites like Irish teakwood, summery Palm and even pumpkin spice. Even better, you can customize your schedule and add, swap or cancel anytime. Looks good, smells good, all good. Get yours today.