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Reigning Champ Home Court Arcade Basketball Game


Reigning Champ introduces the Home Court Arcade Basketball Game, a contemporary spin on the timeless arcade concept, reimagined with innovative design and material execution. Crafted from a blend of wood, glass, and metal, this gaming system seamlessly transforms these democratic raw materials into a functional masterpiece, embodying the brand’s commitment to elevated simplicity. Led by award-winning industrial designer Calen Knauf, the year-long development process prioritized a holistic player experience, replicating the authentic sounds of a classic hardwood court.

The design incorporates floating components to minimize visual impact, utilizing durable tempered glass to support a wood panel backboard and ball return surface. Vancouver-based studio Workbench engineered composite wood panels for structural and auditory integrity, ensuring resistance to warping. Departing from wireless trends, visible cables add a tactile, nostalgic touch, contrasting the sleek design. The lower tier provides ample storage for ten miniature composite leather game balls. With stainless steel hardware, rubberized nylon wheels, a powder-coated steel rim, and hand-knotted cotton and silk nets, every detail exudes quality. Designed for flat-pack shipping worldwide, Reigning Champ’s Home Court Arcade Basketball Game is a customizable gaming experience that marries form and function, promising a slam dunk in any space.

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