Despite the fact that eating on the go is the safest option, most of the plastic take-out utensils for those meals and drinks can only be described as terrible. Unless you’re talking about the Outlery Cutlery set you see here. This portable, packable, and reusable set of travel cutlery includes a fork, knife, and spoon made of stainless steel with all parts designed and built to easily break into multiple pieces for easy transportation wherever you need them. Each of the pieces is sustainable, washable, eco-friendly, reusable, and incredibly easy to clean, so this entire set of utensils is truly the perfect travel cutlery set.

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Our bodies are all different, so why do we still rely on generic multivitamins instead of options tailored to you like your favorite suit? We shouldn’t. That’s where Rootine’s personalized multivitamins come in. After an at-home DNA and blood test, Rootine formulates a daily multivitamin for your unique chemistry. Don’t just take our words for it, here’s what UFC Welterweight Matt Brown has to say “I freaking love Rootine. Their product is brilliant. It works. Why buy some generic random multivitamin when you can get it tailored specific to your needs?” Start customizing your personalized regimen with Rootine today!