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Revo has been progressing the performance eyewear industry for decades making use of NASA tech developed as solar protection for satellites. Revo’s latest step forward comes in the form of a collection of performance shades dubbed Revo Black. The new line of sunglasses features three design concepts with two styles each. In fact, Revo tapped Olympian skier Bode Miller to help design one of the three concepts specifically for winter wear. All three concepts demonstrate the brand’s progress through carbon fiber details, featherweight construction, and solderless titanium frame fronts. The Alpine and Freestyle use carbon fiber on the temples and bridge for a minimalist look and increased durability. The Air 1 and Air 2 are both made with a 100% titanium frame for a near-weightless feel. And the Horizon and Meridian offer a seamless look thanks to the solderless frame front. Additionally, all three design concepts sport polarized photochromic lenses that transition from light to dark automatically. Whichever set of shades you end up choosing, you’ll wind up with a comfortable, durable, performance-ready pair of sunglasses.


When it comes to the daily uniform, there are few things as important as pair of comfortable, stylish and well-fitting pants. That’s where Flint and Tinder comes in with their bestselling 365 Pant. These year-round essentials have the cut of a jean, the feel of a chino and the stretch of a performance pant, which makes them unlike anything else on the market. As if being the perfect combination of all your favorites wasn’t enough, they’re available in multiple fits (slim, straight, tapered, jogger) and colors so you’re covered for work, travel and play.