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Outdoor brand Dynafit has engineered the perfect solution for trail running with their Ultra 50 and Alpine shoes. Dynafit, an Austria brand launched in 1950, has earned many design awards for their focus on crafting gear that can handle steep elevations and rough terrain.

The Dynafit Ultra 50 sports a 3D Mesh construction and seamless tongue for added stability while the added cushioning and durable outsole keeps you in your stride. The Dynafit Alpine takes it one step further with a Vibram Megagrip outsole, which can grip just about any surface, and a highly breathable mesh upper which can drain and dry as you run through wet trails.

Both Dynafit trail shoes are available in two color options. The Dynafit Ultra 50 is available for $130 and the Dynafit Alpine is available for $140.


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