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The EDC space is like an incubator of design. Taking elements of functionality and finding new ways to approach them has been a method to continuously ignite intrigue within the market. Take, for instance, Leatherman’s Darkside. As the name implies, this multi-tool is covered in a matte black PVD, with a light flourish of neon blue around the product’s edge. While this may not seem revolutionary, its construction is.

PVD is known to be a rugged, scratch-resistant coating. The Darkside is composed of various tools within its 4-inch real estate: knives, a file, various screwdrivers, and even a pen. This meeting of form and functionality is proof that good design can update even the most basic tools – or, well, 23 of them, if you’re counting.

The Darkside is a limited release of only 500 units. You can get yours now for $250.

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