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Leatherman ARC Multi-Tool

Leatherman ARC Multi-Tool

Introducing ARC, the game-changing multi-tool that’s rewriting the rules of utility. What sets ARC apart? It’s the pioneer of premium MagnaCut steel, turning the ordinary into extraordinary. Crafted from CPM MagnaCut steel, the knife blade is a masterclass in sharpness, corrosion resistance, toughness, and ease of sharpening. Whether you’re tackling everyday tasks or braving the harshest environments, ARC’s blade is your trusty companion. Plus, with a DLC coating for added corrosion resistance, it’s built to withstand anything that comes its way.

But ARC isn’t just about the blade – it’s a complete powerhouse. Featuring a highly sought-after bit driver and FREE® technology ensuring smooth, one-handed operation for every feature, ARC packs 20 tools into its robust frame. And it doesn’t stop there – it comes complete with a removable pocket clip, a four-pocket nylon sheath, and eight double-ended bits. ARC is the epitome of durability and practicality, setting the standard today and for the future of premium multi-tools. Upgrade your everyday carry with ARC, where functionality meets innovation.

The Leatherman ARC will be available for purchase on October 17 for $230.

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