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Gerber Around Camp Kit

Gerber Around Camp Kit

There’s a good reason why Gerber is one of the most beloved knife and EDC makers around. And their latest release is perfect evidence. The Around Camp Kit is an essentials set packed with everything you’ll need for your next great adventure. The kit includes the Tri-Tip mini cleaver, the ​​ComplEat utensil set, and the Armbar Cork multi-tool. You could buy each one individually from Gerber but this set will save you a couple bucks and keeps everything in one dedicated set.

The utensil set provides you with a reusable fork and spoon as well as a handy glass-filled nylon spatula with a silicone edge. It’s the ideal combination for a hassle-free basecamp meal. Plus, there’s a 4-in-one multi-tool which combines a can opener, package opener, bottle opener, and vegetable peeler into one piece of gear. Looking to prep dinner? The Tri-Tip mini cleaver is compact but with its sharp and durable blade it can handle any meal. Lastly, the Armbar Cork multi-tool features 8 tools, including a corkscrew, pry bar, can opener, bottle opener, foil cutter, scissors, hammer, and 2.5-inch blade.

The Get Around Camp Kit is available now from Gerber for $100 (a savings of $27 if you had bought them all individually).

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