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While we certainly have quite a long list of favorite brands and manufacturers, when it comes to our personal everyday carry, Craighill is always in the first couple spots. From their Desk Knife and Venn Puzzle, to their EDC Gear/Accessories and the Tycho Puzzle, Craighill has always provided impeccable quality, bulletproof construction and unique pieces that both perform and excite. Case in point–the Craighill Kepler Pen. Available in brass, stainless, or PVD-coated black, the Craighill Kepler Pen is built with unique waves near the grip and tip for easy action and comfort so you can go about writing your poetry, drawing up your plans for world domination, and composing letters to your loved ones–without having to worry about carpal tunnel. What’s more, it takes the popular Schmidt 635 refill, looks great in any finish, writes perfectly, and it looks damn good whether you’re displaying it on your desk or using it to sign checks.


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