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The Award-Winning Brrrn Board Is Now Available for $100 Off

Feel the Brrrn.


I’m always on the hunt for great space-saving workouts. I don’t have room for any bulky machinery or exercise equipment that takes up half of the TV room. So I was thrilled to come across the Brrrn Board, one of the simplest yet most effective workout solutions available. The Brrrn Board is a six-foot adjustable slide board that comes with a pair of booties and offers a wide variety of low impact, high value exercises.

The Brrrn Board is specifically tailored to athletic performance promising to improve balance and coordination while toning your core, glutes, and thighs. Plus, there’s a huge back catalog of free-to-watch instruction videos, so you’ll never have to pay for a workout class or exercise subscription. And the best part is its versatility – you can set up the Brrrn Board on any surface and it easily tucks away underneath sofas, TV consoles, beds, or in your closet.

With summer temps climbing absurdly high, now is the time to invest in some home workout options – The Brrrn Board is currently available for $100 off and Cool Material readers can save an additional $15 with code COOLMATERIAL2024. Don’t miss out on the award-winning, athlete-approved workout solution with this great summertime deal.