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Trying to squeeze the gym in before, during or after a day at the office can be easier said than done on account of you need different clothes and shoes. San Francsico based Aer set out to create a gym/work bag designed for the city, and they succeeded with the Fit Pack. Inspired by the classic, multi-purpose Mackintosh jacket, the Fit Pack has distinct pockets designed to separate the gym and work essentials all the while keeping everything protected with a durable, heathered exterior. Your stinky gym shoes go into the bottom zipper pocket. Your workout essentials go into the outermost pocket. Laptop, mouse, iPad, notebooks, etc. all go in the rear pocket. There’s even a quick access pocket on the top for a phone and charger. It’s so clean and functional you could even use it as a weekender.

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At this point, everyone knows that CBD has a whole host of health benefits, but all CBD is not created equal. While pure CBD is a powerful force in its own right, NanoCraft’s high-quality CBD oil is packed with a wider variety of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other vital nutrients that make up the “entourage effect” so you get the maximum results of everything CBD has to offer. The NanoCraft CBD Gold Series is the only option for the user that wants to benefit from all that hemp has to offer.  BOGO with the code coolmaterial at checkout.  Get your NanoCraft CBD today.