Thanksgiving is just a few days away and it’s probably going to be amazingly delicious, but do you know what’s also amazingly delicious? The few days after Thanksgiving. Sure they’re far less festive, but they’re loaded with Thanksgiving leftovers. Every meal you eat for 2-3 days is composed of some combination of turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, mashed potatoes and various other turkey day staples. Here are some of the best recipes for all the stuff that will be spilling out of your fridge.

Thanksgiving Cake

Keep your German Chocolate and Pineapple Upside Down, the cake we want is this Thanksgiving Leftover Cake. Before you go run and lose your lunch, the idea isn’t that insane. It’s basically the sandwich without the bread. In cake form. With gravy. Okay, it’s a little insane. (Recipe)

Thanksgiving Leftover Macaroni & Cheese

Somehow this mac & cheese recipe makes for a fancier looking feast than your turkey day dinner did to begin with. Created by chef Michael Ferraro, this comfort food staple gets some added flavor from turkey, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce and other random bits of your holiday. (Recipe)

Thanksgiving Eggs Benedict

For far too long you’ve had to wait until lunchtime to break out those Thanksgiving leftovers. Not any more, my friend! This recipe lets you whip up a delicious breakfast with some of those refrigerated extras. Who wouldn’t want their turkey and stuffing swimming in some runny egg yolk? (Recipe)

Thanksgiving Leftovers Club Sandwich

Cramming the entire dinner table between some slices of bread is the classic way to go. This sandwich basically takes everything you just had and sandwich-izes it. Just unhinge your jaw and enjoy. (Recipe)

Turkey and Cranberry Sauce Pizza

If you’ve had your fill of leftover sandwiches, turn to another section of the food pyramid: Pizza. This recipe is ridiculously good even if it doesn’t use up all the side dishes from your turkey day smorgasbord. (Recipe)

Turkey and Onion Sandwich

No Thanksgiving dish is as underappreciated as the pearl onions. Sure it’s easy to get lost amongst the shuffle of such heavyweights as sausage stuffing and fried turkey, but the onions are the ultimate flavor enhancer. This simple sandwich can be tossed together quickly, which is perfect if you went heavy on the holiday boozin’. (Recipe)

Fried Turkey with Stuffing Waffles, Sweet Potato Hash, Maple Foam and Cranberry Glaze

If you didn’t get your fill of cooking on Thanksgiving, whip this bad boy up the next day. It’s a bit intense and time-consuming, but did you read the title? Stuffing waffles. Stuffing f’ing waffles. (Recipe)

Thanksgiving Leftover Nachos

What better way to consume some of those leftovers than by piling them on some tortilla chips with melted cheese? These nachos make good use of some of that cranberry sauce and remaining turkey. Perfect if you oddly decided to DVR the football games. (Recipe)

Potato Croquettes

You could very well be left with a few metric tons of mashed potatoes after Thanksgiving depending on your guests. If this happens to be the case, you’re in luck, because they’re about to be turned into deep-fried goodness. These croquettes are an awesome snack to devour in the days following your holiday. (Recipe)

Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey & Chorizo Breakfast Hash

Want to give your tastebuds a kick in the ass the morning after gorging yourself? Try out this recipe that’s packed with chorizo and sriracha. It’ll help you cut down on the amount of bird in your fridge and feeling on your tongue. (Recipe)

Leftover Breakfast Bowls

Jam those leftovers into bowl of carbs and chow down the day after Thanksgiving with this recipe. They’re customizable, so just toss whatever you’ve got left right on in (results may vary). (Recipe)


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