Made with a blended mix of organic umami ingredients like sea salt, porcini mushrooms, wild-harvested kelp fronds, garlic, smoked paprika and nutritional yeast, this seasoning mix has everything you need to spice up poultry, protein, popcorn, potatoes or anything else you plan on cooking, eating or serving to your guests.

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If you just got a new iPhone 12, or you’re thinking about it, you need a case that will protect your investment and look good in the process. Enter the Survivor Endurance case. Made to tackle life’s challenges wherever you are, Endurance is built with a combination of smart design and modern tech. Three-layer construction with FortiCore shock absorption technology and textured sides means you’ll have it firmly in hand, but if it does fall, you’re protected from up to 14 feet. It looks good, too. Get your Survivor Endurance case today, available at Verizon.