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Snow Peak has never disappointed with their line portable options that sure you can do everything from smoke (Smokemeister) and make pizza (Outdoor Field Oven) to brew great coffee (Field Barista Kit) and have great cutlery on hand (titanium cutlery set). Their latest addition to the collection of “do anything on the go” field appliances is the Takibi Fire & Grill you see here. Designed in Japan and made of durable stainless steel, this grill is packable, portable, modular and designed for a lifetime of use. Since it’s a five piece set that includes a grill net, grill bridge, pack & carry fireplace, baseplate and carrying case, the Takibi Fire & Grill has everything you need–except the charcoal or wood fuel and the things you want to grill–to be the centerpiece of any great campfire or grilling experience. Whether you’re using it at home, on the trail, or in the backcountry, this is one grill that has your back and easily folds up to fit there when not in use.


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