We’re honestly not sure what’s driven the recent popularity of alcoholic beverages inspired by breakfast cereals. We’re also not quite sure we really care because breakfast is the most important part of the day. Also, who doesn’t to drink a cocktail driven by the flavor of Cheerios or this beer that’s inspired by Lucky Charms? Yes, you read that correctly. Lucky Charms beer. Well, kind of. The brainchild of Virginia-based Smartmouth Brewing, the limited edition Saturday Morning IPA is “brewed with house toasted marshmallows and cereal marshmallows in the mash, hopped with Galaxy and Calypso, and dry hopped a whole lot more.” Is it as magically delicious as the breakfast cereal that inspired it? Find out this Saturday when it will be available on draft at both locations (Norfolk and Virginia Beach), and in 16oz cans for a limited time in Norfolk. All we can say is, they better have Saturday morning cartoons playing at both locations during the release.

[Shop]  You don’t need to be an international man of mystery for there to be value in the ability to pick a lock. Whether you have a penchant for forgetting your keys or just want to be there for friends and neighbors, learning to pick locks is a worthwhile skill. But that doesn’t mean you should go practicing on your front door; officers might not like that. Instead, get yourself this Lock Pick Training Kit, which includes a set of tools and a see-through padlock so you can watch what’s happening while you practice. Not only will you come to understand the inner workings of a lock, but you’ll gain the skills necessary to pick one with ease. And don’t worry, there are keys included in case you get frustrated.