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For our money, Lodge makes some of the best cast-iron out there because of the combination of quality, durability and affordability. You can consistently get a good deal on a cast-iron skillet from Lodge, but it’s less likely that you’ll be able to get more than half off a dutch oven. That’s right, right now you can get more than half off a 5-quart Lodge Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven on Amazon. The already affordable $64 piece of pre-seasoned cookware can be yours for just over thirty bucks if you act quickly. They don’t spend much time focusing on it, but it’s worth mentioning that the cover doubles as a 10.25″ skillet. This means you can start the chili, the vegetables or the soup in the larger side while preparing the proteins in the lid, and then easily combine everything before transferring to a single burner or the oven. If you need some inspiration, here are some cast-iron recipes to get you started.


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