Gone are the days when renting a movie for the night meant hitting Blockbuster and hoping whatever you wanted to see was in stock. When it invariably wasn’t, you’d proceed on to see what other new releases had a full tape behind the display box. You’d then settle on Dumb & Dumber for the umpteenth time. If you get a little weepy eyed thinking about those days, drown your sorrows with this beer, which was brewed by 10 Barrel Brewing in conjunction with the last remaining Blockbuster in Bend, Oregon. Fittingly, the black ale packs notes of red licorice, which was our go-to snack to buy from the register while checking out our tapes. “Blockbuster is a cultural icon and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate over three decades of movie fandom with them,” said Chris Cox, co-founder of 10 Barrel Brewing. Just don’t drink this while streaming something on Netflix. That would be rude.


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