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Back in the day, celebrating the pending birth of a child involved hanging out in the waiting room puffing on stogies–maybe drinking some fine whiskey–waiting for the baby to come into the world. The times, and the rituals, have changed–but we all still want similar celebrations to help let all the new dads know we support them. That’s where Dad Grass “It’s a Baby” Celebratory Hemp CBD Pre-rolls come in. Each pack comes with five .7g joints that are handcrafted with only the finest 100% organic hemp flower grown in the USA with no nicotine, tobacco, sticks, stems or seeds. They also contain a THC content that is at or below the legal limit of 0.3%, so you can all enjoy your ear-to-ear grin without having to worry about altering your mind or driving home. In other words, it’s a five-pack of pre-rolled, celebratory CBD joints that allow you to party while still being responsible.


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