If we’re being completely honest, there are few things better than sinking your teeth into a burger that just came off the grill or flattop. The Impossible Burger has lived up to their name with the creation of a plant-based option that looks, tastes and even oozes like a traditional hunk of ground beef–without the killing of animals or harmful effects on the planet. After having only been available at restaurants, the Impossible Burger is coming to a grocery store near you in 12 oz. packages. The roll-out started last weekend at 27 Gelson’s Markets in Southern California, with plans for the East Coast later this month and the rest of the US by the middle of next year. While Impossible Burgers are certainly better from an emotional and environmental perspective, they’re not really all that much healthier for you from a nutrition perspective. That’s kind of the charm though, because if they were they wouldn’t be a perfect substitute for ground beef in the best burger recipes.


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