With so many breweries releasing so many beers, a beer lover can feel overwhelmed. Paralysis by analysis is real, so it can never hurt for a thirsty traveler to know what to look for. After you’ve made headway on the classics on this listthis listthis list, and this list, reach for something new, something like one of these 8 releases we’re excited about. Here’s our freshest batch of new beers to try. And don’t forget, if you’re a fan of good beer, sign up for Hoppist, our weekly newsletter dedicated to beer releases, stories, and news. 


Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing IPA

The New England IPA, a hoppy, hazy brew that brings to mind fruit juice, is a style that presents great challenges for larger breweries. When a style is so unstable and so in need of being consumed fresh, how can a large operation that has to distribute all over the country succeed? Sierra Nevada may have just figured it out. Hazy Little Thing IPA is an unfiltered, unprocessed IPA that packs citrus notes from Citra, Simcoe, and other hot hops, and it’s one of the best “shelf” versions of the New England IPA that we’ve come across. Large breweries that don’t subsist on can release lines have had trouble getting in on the hottest trend in beer, but Sierra Nevada has made a solid effort with this one and it’s worthy of a spot in your fridge. Link


Style: IPA / ABV: 6.7%

Evil Twin Double Barrel Imperial Biscotti Break

Few beers have delivered the dessert-like goodness we occasionally crave like Evil Twin’s Imperial Biscotti Break. If your sweet tooth has not yet been satisfied, they’ve recently amped things up. Meet Double Barrel Imperial Biscotti Break, which has sat in bourbon maple syrup barrels and Marsala wine barrels for a good bit of time. The result of all that flavorful aging is a version of the beloved stout with huge notes of bourbon and maple syrup, and more subdued notes of vanilla, brown sugar, and apricot. Skip the dessert and just pour yourself a glass. Link


Style: Stout / ABV: 11.5%

Samuel Adams Sam '76

Sam ’76 is something of an oddity, but for those looking for a refreshing and unique brew to keep stocked in their fridge, it’s a winner. There were actually two active fermentation stages in the creation of the beer, one involving an ale yeast and the other a lager yeast, so Sam ’76 toes the line between pale ale and crisp lager. Hopped with Cascade, Citra, Mosaic, and Simcoe, the aroma is definitely on the citrusy side of things, but those faint fruit notes don’t tell the whole story, as this isn’t your standard hop-forward pale ale. Look for it nationwide this April. Link


Style: American Pale Lager / ABV: 4.7%

Bell's Sparkleberry

While we’re on the subject of oddities, meet Sparkleberry, a—wait for it—raspberry Belgian-style Tripel. Yup, while you might think you’re about to dip into a light, refreshing Berliner Weisse, you’re actually getting yourself into a 9% punch of raspberry. Not that we’d complain, as we’re always up for new things. Brewed to celebrate diversity, Sparkleberry was first made in support of the Kalamazoo Gay-Lesbian Resource Center (now known as OutFront Kalamazoo) and is only now hitting cans for the first time. Tired of double dry-hopped IPAs Link


Style: Fruit Beer / ABV: 9%

Second Self Triforce

If you’re a gamer of a certain age, The Legend of Zelda probably played a role in your life. For us, it was one of the first games that ever became an obsession. While it’s been a while since we’ve joined Link on his quest, we can now partake in it in a more adult way. Atlanta’s Second Self Brewing just unveiled Triforce, an IPA inspired by the golden triangles found throughout the games. Notes of papaya, mango, and Red Potion jump from the can. We’d recommend picking up a few cans and firing up the old NES for some drunken nostalgia. Link


Style: IPA / ABV: 6.1%

Mikkeller Marathon Man

Mikkeller is slowly conquering U.S. shores, as the brewery in San Diego continues to thrive and they settle into their second home inside Citi Field. One of the winning brews is the recently released Marathon Man, a triple IPA jam-packed with Galaxy, Pacific Jade, and Southern Cross Hops. In other words, it was made with some hop outliers you may not be familiar with, which always makes for a fun drinking experience. Just don’t drink too many or your legs will feel as jelly-like as the dude on the label. Link


Style: Triple IPA / ABV: 10.2%

Crooked Stave Sour Rosé

Having this beer in cans is a damn blessing. If you’re in the distribution path of Crooked Stave and you’re a fan of the funk, this should be a fridge staple. Tart and delightfully fruity, Sour Rosé is an absurdly good beer with strong raspberry notes and an effervescent, dry body. You’ll pick up a lot of barrel goodness along with a delightful depth of flavor. Like we said, if you can get it, get it. Link


Style: Wild Ale / ABV: 5%

Mumford x Finback lowercase

Collabs have a way of getting the beer fan base going, and we can’t help but be interested when two of our favorite breweries get together. Such is the case here, as L.A.’s Mumford Brewing teamed up with New York’s Finback for a twist on the Pilsner. We know, we know. It’s not an IPA, but it sure does sound an awful lot like a juice-bomb, as it’s unfiltered and dry-hopped with Mosaic and Idaho-7 hops. Clocking in at a crushable 5.1%, this is perfect for the IPA fan looking to ease into another style. Link


Style: Style: Pilsner / ABV: 5.1%

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