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Since many of us are still home, we decided to do some digging to find useful products to help stay productive, occupied, entertained and fit while you’re At Home.

When it comes to spicing up your noodles, udon, pad thais, and everything other Asian dish, few things deliver like the chili garlic sauce you get from the restaurant. With the exception of Momoya Taberu Rayu, the fairly new Japanese condiment that combines the best the far east has to offer. Mild spice meets grapeseed oil, fried garlic, onion and sesame seeds to create a condiment that’s big on flavor–without blowing out the spice palate–that works on everything from fried rice and ramen, to gyoza and pad thai. If the dish you’re looking to spice up is in any way Asian, this condiment will take it to the next level. We didn’t believe it was better than the traditional red sauce from the restaurant either, but after going through a few bottles, we’re happy to report this is one of those condiments that belongs in the fridge at all times.


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