Franklin’s Barbecue restaurant in Austin, TX looks humble from the outside, but within its confines is James Beard Award-Winning brisket Yoda by the name of Aaron Franklin, the only chef to win the esteemed award for barbecue. That’s right, his famous Central Texas BBQ Brisket is the stuff of legend, and has sold out every day since the restaurant’s inception. Now, you can aim for some fractional semblance of his skill level by attending his BBQ Masterclass. Follow his tutelage via 16 lessons on the craft of barbecue one meticulous step at a time from soup to nuts. He doesn’t just cover his famed brisket in depth but also lessons on sauces, how to select the right cut of meat, and making smoked pork butt and succulent pork ribs. Franklin also covers the history of brisket, so you can thoroughly appreciate the craft’s origins. There’s even a downloadable cookbook, as well as the course’s flexibility to learn at your own pace on virtually any connected device.


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