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The Many Uses of Hudsalve, the Swedish Military’s Answer to a Million Problems

The Many Uses of Hudsalve, the Swedish Military’s Answer to a Million Problems

In the mid-1900s, soldiers in the Swedish military were in need of something to help soothe and heal blisters on their feet along with various nicks and cuts. In response, the military contracted their pharmacy to come up with a product to meet the soldiers’ needs. The pharmacy created Hudsalve (“Skin Ointment”), an anhydrous balm composed of several fats. Originally packaged in a metal container, the balm was distributed to the military and quickly took on a cult status among soldiers. 

While Hudsalve (or “Hudsalva”) was initially intended to treat abrasions, military officers—along with the general public, who would get their hands on it soon after—quickly came up with plenty of other uses for it. In fact, there are so many uses for the balm made of tallow, peanut oil, and yellow wax, that it’s basically the Swiss Army knife of salves. Now packaged in a small green container that operates like a Push Pop, Hudsalve is your solution to a million little problems.

So what can you use Hudsalve for? Here are just some ideas:

  • To soothe dry, cracked skin
  • As a lip balm
  • To condition leather boots
  • To prevent chaffing
  • For small cuts after shaving
  • To soothe a dog’s paws
  • As a candle, if melted around a wick
  • To grease weapons 
  • As a frying oil, so you can cook at a campsite
  • To ward off mosquitoes 
  • To treat cold sores
  • As a pomade to style your hair
  • To prevent skin damage in windy, chilly conditions
  • Heal damaged cuticles 
  • As an oil for a bike chain
  • To wax skis

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