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Gift Guide: The Cool Material Shop

Gift Guide: The Cool Material Shop

Gift Guide: The Cool Material Shop

We post thousands of products on Cool Material every year. And when we come across something we really love, we try to add it to our shop so you can hop right over and snag it for yourself. In 2014, we added more gear than ever before. Here are some of our favorite items that we think make for some pretty stellar gifts.

Fish Knife

Pocket knives aren’t the most innovative things when it comes to aesthetics. For a simple single blade with a little bit of character, we dig this little Fish Knife. We’ve also tossed a custom waxed leather cord on it so you can tie it up to your outdoor gear before your next excursion. $16

Fisher Zero Gravity Pen

Sleeker and more functional than just about any pen out there. Like other space pens, this Zero Gravity Pen can write on wet paper, in extreme temperatures, over grease, and at every angle. And with a matte black finish, it looks better than a chewed up Bic. $30

Solid Brass Top

Exclusively made for Cool Material, this version of J.L. Lawson’s classic brass top can spin for up to 7 minutes with some practice and the right surface. It’s designed to be a desktop toy that will last generations. Each is hand-turned from a solid bar of brass in the USA and is ready to help someone pass their downtime. $49

Brass Playing Dice

Another Cool Material exclusive, these Brass Playing Dice will take game night to a more professional level. Each set was made in the USA and will age gracefully over time with use. $29

Hobo Eat Kit

For a campfire meal or a dinner on the run, the Hobo Eat Kit will keep you from shoveling food in your face like a slob. Ideal for camping trips or impromptu snacks, it’s compact enough to toss in a bag for when hunger strikes. $28

Higonokami Knives

Following in the Higonokami tradition, each of these knives was hand-forged by Japanese craftsmen. The style of knife is characterized by the protruding tang, ultra sharp blade, and simple mechanics. Available in three different sizes to fit any need. $45

Whiskey Stones Black

These dark stones add some mystery to that next tumbler of Johnnie Walker. Each set will slightly chill some hooch without watering it down, while adding a bit of intrigue as they get swirled around. $20

Faceted Whiskey Glasses

Normally your whiskey glass only starts looking funky after you’ve had a bit too much. These Faceted Whiskey Glass sport a fractal motif that’s reminiscent of the one seen in Blade Runner. Available clear or with a hazy smoke look. Funky design without the spins. $25

37 Grammes Pocket Knife

For a pocket knife that’s as much a work of art as it is a functional tool, consider this 37 Grammes Pocket Knife. Each is lightweight (37 grams) and adorned with a stunning rose wood strip across the handle. Just convince them to use it and not just leave it on display. $40

Wax Canvas Watch Roll

We teamed up with Bradley Mountain to create this stylish traveling watch roll. It’s ideal for the guy with a solid collection of timepieces that he cares deeply about. Each holds up to six watches and keeps the faces covered and scratch-free while in transit. Perfect for storage and display at home, or for having the right watch for a dinner, a party, or whatever event comes up while on the road. $49

Timex Weekender with Leather Strap

The Timex Weekender is one of the most classic timepieces you can own that won’t deplete your bank account. Here we took the iconic watch and paired it with a leather strap that was handmade in the U.S. for an added bit of timeless style. $111

MVMT Black on Black

Minimal doesn’t mean boring. MVMT makes watches with subdued style. This Black on Black model runs on a Miyota Japanese movement, displays the date, and offers just a pop of color thanks to the red second hand. $95

The Writer’s Block

A cluttered workspace is stressful. That’s why we created The Writer’s Block. Each is machined, deburred, and finished by hand in the USA, and is perfect for storing a pen and notebook (or iPhone, business cards, or something else) in a simple but stylish manor. Crafted from solid brass, low carbon cold-rolled steel, or stainless steel. It’s a heritage piece that can be passed down when your work is done. $84

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