Finding the right Valentine’s Day gift for the man in your life is a balancing act. No one needs more useless junk, and even the most expensive gift runs the risk of being forgotten at the back of some mystery drawer by the end of the year if it’s not the right fit. The right gift, however, says more than you can imagine. Match the gift to the guy and it doesn’t matter how much it costs. These are the best Valentine’s Day gifts for men that the Cool Material team has their eyes on this year.


Bellroy RFID Note Sleeve Wallet

The Bellrofy RFID Note Sleeve Wallet does a phenomenal job of making things modern by slimming it all down and adding RFID protection for those less-than-secure moments. The Note Sleeve is made with high-grade, environmentally certified leather in eight colors, and the edge stitching and debossed logo add flair. It stores bills flat and holds up to 11 cards. The pull tab deploys cards in the inner pocket so you no longer have to shove a greasy thumb inside in rushed desperation. There’s even a coin pocket for doubloons.


Snow Peak Shimo Stein

Drinking in the great outdoors doesn’t mean a beverage receptacle that looks like a rusted bean can. Snow Peak dresses things up with its Shimo Stein in shiny stainless steel form with folding handles for easy stowage. The mouth is tapered to concentrate aromas, so your olfactories can take in dark roast coffee, Bordeaux, or craft beer. The vacuum-sealed body keeps things hot or cold, and the rubber bottom helps you keep the open side up when you’re overserved. It holds 700ml of whatever you choose.


PAX Plus Vaporizer

[Partner] When it comes to vaporizers, you won’t find better than the PAX Plus. Whether you’re smoking flower or concentrates, PAX Plus delivers smooth sessions from start to finish without any harsh smoke, and it’s easier than ever to clean. The ultimate dual-use, portable vaporizer also comes with flat & raised mouthpieces, adjustable bowl sizes and a maintenance kit. If you want the best of the best for yourself or any smoker on your gift list, the only option is PAX Plus.


Nixon Mullet

[Partner] When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts for guys, there are few things as popular as a watch. Everyone loves them, almost everyone wears them and the options you choose are personal. That’s where the Nixon Mullet watch comes in. Slim, sleek and stylish, with a black silicone band and stainless case accented by up-printed numerals and luminescent hands, this Nixon watch is all business and all party at the same time. Since it’s powered by a reliable Miyota movement, the Nixon Mullet will keep time for years.


Curb Shop 911 Rally Plain Body by INK Print

The Porche 911 Safari is about to become a very real thing, but you can have one on the wall by Valentine’s Day. This 1984 911 Rallyi print version is done up by INK studio as part of its Plain Bodies series. Helmed by the team of René Metge and Dominique Lemoyne, the iconic car was created to race in the grueling Paris-Dakar endurance race, and it took the podium on its first and only showing. This CGI automotive artwork in stunning white with black wheels looks like it could very well drive off the page, and it’s a reminder that “innovation is the unrelenting drive to break the status quo and develop anew where few have dared to go.”


Leatherman Signal

A good multi-tool is an indispensable everyday carry. The Signal can tackle a ton of tasks thanks to an array of 13 tools, some of which are usable with the entire multi-tool in the closed position. Some of the tools are even deployable with one hand, and the wirecutters are replaceable when they wear out. The inclusion of a safety whistle, a ferrocerium rod, and a diamond sharpener make the Signal even more versatile than so much of the competition. Secure it via a removable pocket clip or the included carabiner attachment. It comes in nine different colors, as well as tough DLC and Cerakote finishes.


Autodromo Driving Gloves

Driving gloves aren’t just a luxury, they actually enhance the driving experience by keeping your hands cool and dry while also providing improved grip, so you can nail those apexes like Ayrton Senna. Autodromo’s versions are superb throwbacks to the ‘50s and ‘60s race car culture with a stringback and leather construction. The split cuffs have elastic built in and a single logo snap for security. The gloves come in three different colors: black, tan, and green.


Oris Propilot Coulson Limited Edition

If you must give a vividly-colored Valentine’s present, it should definitely take the form of a flaming watch dial set inside a rugged 3D-printed carbon case. The Propilot Coulon is a limited-production pilot watch created in partnership with Coulson Aviation, the pre-eminent aerial firefighting organization. The orange gradient dial is peppered with lumed, bright white hands, numerals, and markers. The movement is an in-house Calibre 400 automatic with 120 hours of power reserve and anti-magnetic properties.


Roar Baby Monitor

Yes, getting outdoors is about disconnecting from the constant barrage of technology that infiltrates its way into modern life. But when you have a kid that’s not always possible. This baby monitor helps you keep tabs of the little ones whether they’re one tent away or out there exploring how far they can get on their own while “looking for firewood.” It adds a little piece of mind while still encouraging a kid’s own nature adventures. Never be the guy who only buys child-focused gifts for their partner, but this is one add on gift that benefits the whole crew.


The Crawford Sweater

For many parts of the country, mid-February means the end of the coldest months of the year are in sight, but with the knowledge that the threat of the next snowstorm is ever present. A comfy new sweater to cozy into that’s just as solid of a fit around the house as it is at the bar is always needed. The Crawford keeps your neck warm with a raised collar like a traditional shawl cardigan, and the fit is structured without sacrificing the awkward range of movements you may need to get comfortable in a campfire chair. It’s also made with material you can feel good about: cotton sourced through the world’s largest non-profit promoting sustainability in cotton manufacturing, the Better Cotton Initiative.


FRĒ Flavored Nicotine White Pouches

[Partner] Sick of having to constantly worry about where you should and shouldn’t use nicotine? Ready to find an alternative that makes enjoying nicotine convenient, travel-friendly, and most of all smokeless? Well, FRĒ offers the perfect solution for nicotine lovers – convenient white nicotine pouches that are neither smoke nor dip. Intended for discreet use, these no-fuss pouches come in three different strengths from 9 to 15 milligrams plus four great flavors. Shop today with code MATERIAL at checkout to enjoy 30% Off your order!

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Oak & Eden Cocktail Kits

[Partner] Looking for the perfect gift for the person that already has everything? Oak & Eden has you covered with their limited edition cocktail kits. Produced in partnership with Cheeky Cocktails, each of the kits features includes everything you need to make a delicious cocktail–a spirit, a Cheeky syrup and a rocks glass. The Espresso Kit includes Bourbon & Brew whiskey and Espresso Syrup, while the Napa Kit includes Bourbon & Vine whiskey and Cranberry Lemon Syrup. Each is the perfect gift for a great evening in.


Hooded Waffle Robe

It’s hard to overhype a good robe. The gift of a Hooded Waffle Robe from Onsen and Huckberry will open up the accepted hours of “robe time.” Simply put: if you’re in the house, at the steam room, camping, doing morning laps at the pool, or anything else that doesn’t technically require pants, then it’s robe time. This super absorbent and quick drying robe is made with supima cotton grown adhering to high environmental standards—plus it comes with deep pockets that can actually be used.


15 Inch Magnetic Wooden Chess Set

Modern interest in chess might have peaked around the time that Queen’s Gambit came out, but if nearly 1,500 years of history are any indication, this is a game that has plenty of staying power. Don’t underestimate the influence knowing how to play a proper game has. This set is easy to store and classy enough to leave out whether it’s for someone who already knows their chess ranking or they don’t know a rook from a bishop.



Technically speaking, this isn’t just a gift for someone who enjoys a little cannabis here and there. Technically, it can be used to infuse oil or butter with just about any herb. And who doesn’t appreciate a good rosemary olive oil? But the real benefit is how this can turn that janky recipe for homemade edibles into a delicious and consistent treat. The LĒVO II can decarb (the process needed to activate the THC so your body can make the most of it) and infuse, making it the perfect starting point to a wide world of goodies. Pair it with The Weed Gummies Cookbook for a complete package.


Waterbury HODINKEE Limited Edition

Watch insiders will appreciate this HODINKEE collaboration with Timex that’s the perfect everyday automatic watch. It’s a comfortable size for most wrists at 40mm, and has the dive watch aesthetic without needing to pretend you’re actually going to take it under the sea. It’s simple, elegant, and isn’t out of place on the boat or at the desk.


WIRED Magazine Subscription

Reading things on the internet is great. You can find exactly what you’re looking for (at least, most of the time) and there’s so much out there that’s readily available to read without having to move anything but your fingers. But there’s nothing quite like the experience of readying a physical magazine. A subscription to WIRED is like giving a subscription to the core things any guy would want to know about the intersection of technology and culture. Plus, the award-winning magazine has some of the best writing and design around, so even if the issues start to pile up at least they look good on the coffee table.


The James Brand ELKO Pocket Knife

The James Brand puts out plenty of knives that look just as good as they cut. The ELKO is worth all of the hype it gets for its design, utility, size, and blade. It’s an easy EDC item that’s small enough to fit comfortably on your keychain without looking tacky or bulging in your pocket. If your giftee is like many modern men out there and the only reason they carry around a pocket knife is to break down boxes, cut some fruit, and maybe take a plant clipping or two, then it doesn’t get much better than the ELKO.


Lobster Trap Lease

Sometimes the best gift is something that the person didn’t even know they wanted. Like this lease on a lobster trap. The lease is good for a season and the recipient gets a share of the catch that year. It’s delicious for the person getting the lobster, and helps the lobstermen have a reliable steady income. Milk, meat, and fruit are also all available if lobster isn’t their jam.


Highland Park 18 Year

Alcohol can be either a lazy gift or a gift that broadens the person’s tastes and gets them hooked on something they wouldn’t otherwise spring for themself. Highland Park 18 Year fits the bill, and it’s in the sweet spot price range for alcohol gifts at about $150. It’s full of heather and honey notes with just enough peat to be smoky but not overpoweringly so. It’s an especially good gift for anyone who typically sticks to the bigger Scotch single malt brands out there.


Xikar Allume Single Flame Cigar Lighters

No one enjoys being the person struggling to light their cigar. That’s when a good cigar torch lighter comes into the equation. This slim cigar lighter is compact enough to carry around even on days when there’s only a light possibility of a relaxing smoke. It comes backed by a lifetime guarantee and has a universal filling port to make refuels easy.


OSMO x Four Roses Toasted Vanilla Bourbon Salt

Big Valentine’s Day gifts may steal the show, but it’s often the small side items that get the most use. Any bourbon drinker who spends some time in the kitchen will see that first hand if they receive this special edition Osmo salt that’s infused with Four Roses Bourbon, a favorite everyday reliable bourbon brand. The red sea salt is harvested from between Hawaiian lava rocks, purified, and the had Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon poured over it. Whether it’s used in a cocktail or on a dessert for a salty touch to something sweet, you can’t go wrong with bourbon salt. The salt alone comes in at about $19, or pair it with a bottle for $60.99.


The Longines Master Collection

If you’re looking for a gift that makes a statement as big as the price tag, the right Longines watch will do the trick (plus, it’s a fancy watch that suggests that maybe more fancy outings need to be had so there’s reason to wear it). This automatic watch in the Master Collection has a silver barleycorn face and a transparent back case. It’s slightly on the bigger side at 42mm, but it’s one that you don’t want hiding under a shirt cuff. The power reserve lasts for about 72 hours, and the face includes a moon phase display and date. On the strap, alligator leather is used on top and calf leather on the bottom.


Lectric XP 3.0

Give the gift of stylish mobility this Valentine’s Day. While the person you’re shopping for might have very specific preferences when it comes to bikes that make it impossible to buy a surprise gift, the Lectric XP 3.0 is the type of utility bike that everyone can appreciate. Weighing in at 64 pounds, it can hold 330 pounds (and 150 in the back rear rack alone)—making it perfect for quick errands. Whether you go with the standard 45-mile range battery or spring for the long-range 65-mile battery, it’ll be sure to get a lot of use as a commuter (it folds down into 37 x 18 x 28 in) and everyday rider.


DUER Performance Demin

[Partner] A revolutionary spin on an iconic staple: the blue jean. Engineered for performance, with the comfort and sophistication required for real life. Stretch what’s possible in a day wearing performance denim. Save 15% off sitewide and get the world’s most comfortable pants with the exclusive code AFF-CM15.


Copy of 600_200

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