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Worth The Hype: The James Brand Elko Knife

Worth The Hype: The James Brand Elko Knife

This is Worth The Hype, where our writers and editors put popular products to the test to see if they are, in fact, worth the hype.

My dark chocolate almond obsession led me to the ultimate solution for those everyday simple-but-frustrating tasks. I stop at the local grocery store to pick them up on our weekly jaunts to my son’s soccer games. Besides the superb taste, the almonds help keep me awake on the ride home. There’s only one downside: the container that holds them. It’s my kryptonite. The plastic wrap on the lid is a Rubix cube. The more I turn and twist, the harder it is to open.

The simple solution would be to have something sharp on hand. The challenge is that I’m not going to walk around with a big switchblade in my pocket. I am, however, happy to carry around the James Brand Elko knife from Huckberry.


Prior to becoming a fan of Cool Material, I’d never even heard of the term EDC (everyday carry). With a tool like the Elko knife, I now understand why there are some EDC essentials out there that everyone raves about. It not only solves my dark chocolate dilemma, but also all those other mundane tasks of the day — that Amazon package that just arrived, that tab that just broke off my soda can, or the tricky knot in my sneakers that I can’t undo. I could go on and on.

I love the size and how easily I can secure it with its full size titanium keyring. It’s versatile, always by my side, and ready to tackle any EDC challenge. It’s made of stainless steel and sturdy. It’s small enough that it’s inconspicuous in my pocket. It doubles as a key ring, a bottle opener, and even a screwdriver in a pinch. To me, there’s no better knife to add to your daily warchest.

I hope your favorite candy is easier to crack into than mine, but if you’re like me, chocolate, among many other daily tasks, needs a simple solution. No more saying, “man, I wish I had a knife on me .” Just get yourself a James Brand Elko knife and give your keys a new best friend.


Specs: The James Brand The Elko by Huckberry

  • Aluminum handles with anodized finish
  • Drop point blade design
  • Carpenter CTS-BD1 steel for edge retention and hardness
  • Blade Length: 1.8”
  • Handle: 2.5” L x ⅝”
  • Length When Open: 4⅛”
Buy Now $60