If you’re anything like us, you spend way too much time agonizing over your gear purchases. The one thing we never seem to think about though is one of the most important accessories for the spring, the umbrella. Unless you already own something that didn’t come from the local drugstore, it’s high time you think about upgrading the one piece of gear that protects the rest of your EDC when the sky’s dumping on you from above. Here are the 11 best umbrellas to keep you dry.


Lewis N. Clark Compact Travel Umbrella

If all you’re looking for in an umbrella is something small, compact and affordable that you won’t have to worry about getting destroyed or left behind, look no further than the Lewis N. Clark Compact Travel Umbrella. Available in five different colors (black, blue, orange, green and red) and built with a 38″ canopy that collapses down to a bag-friendly 11″ size, this is the perfect portable umbrella for everyone that doesn’t want something too permanent. $10+


totes Auto Open Wooden Stick Umbrella

If you’ve ever been forced to pick up an umbrella from the local drugstore when you were caught unprepared you are no doubt familiar with the totes brand. The totes auto open wooden stick umbrella is a basic, full-size umbrella that makes up for whatever it lacks in contemporary style with a classic wood crook design, nylon construction, multiple color options and a lifetime warranty. $20


NewSight Reversible Self-Standing Umbrella

The first thing you’ll notice about the NewSight umbrella is the C-shape handle that allows you to attach it to your wrist for hands-free operation in the rain. In addition to the incredibly helpful handle that lets you get shit done in the rain, this umbrella can be reversed/inverted to prevent getting the car/bus/office wet when you need to transition to the indoors. This same mechanism also allows the umbrella that’s available in more than twenty different colors/patterns to stand up on its own for drying or storage purposes. $24


Repel Easy Touch Umbrella

If you want to step up in the quality and construction departments from the super basic collapsible umbrella, you want the Repel Easy Touch Umbrella. This upgraded version of the traditional black telescoping umbrella is built with a nine reinforced fiberglass ribs to withstand high winds without turning inside out. You also get a 42″ canopy for a few extra inches of coverage while still keeping a collapsed size of less than a foot and a weight less than a pound. $24+


Balios Handmade Wood Handle Umbrella

Can’t decide between the convenience of a collapsible pocket/bag umbrella and the style of a wooden handle alternative? The Balious Handmade Wood Handle Umbrella combines the best of both worlds. In addition to the aesthetic of wood and the portability of the collapsible design, the Balios has 300T water-repellent fabric, vented double canopy, three action auto open-close and a zipper sleeve. This is the umbrella you won’t mind carrying around 24/7 just waiting for it to rain. $25+


GustBuster Classic 48″ Automatic Golf Umbrella

48″ in diameter. 36″ in length. Patented, proprietary design and construction technology that opens without pinching and resists winds of 55mph. There’s a reason the GustBuster Classic 48″ Automatic Golf Umbrella is the #1 umbrella on the PGA, LPGA and Champions Tours, and it’s not just because the wood handle and fifteen different color options make it look cool. If you need a serious umbrella that doesn’t require stowage in a bag or pack when not in use, you might as well get an umbrella with enough space for you and a friend. $35


J.Crew Shedrain Umbrella

Shedrain is a decades old umbrella manufacturer with a legacy of function and fashion. J.Crew is, well, J.Crew. It should come as no surprise that this collaboration between the two iconic brands perfectly melds everything that makes each brand awesome in a package that allows both their individual sensibilities to shine. Available in either khaki or navy, the Shedrain for J.Crew Umbrella is a collapsible, crooked wooden handle style with a 42″ canopy and a travel sleeve. $40


Line of Trade Bergen Umbrella

Named for one of the rainiest towns in the world–Bergen, Norway–the line of Trade Bergen Umbrella can easily handle the up to 88 inches of rain its namesake gets per year. With its black metal bones, solid maple wood handle and double-layered nylon canopy, it’s almost bulletproof.  If rain were bullets.  Which thank God they’re not. The blackwatch tartan plaid exterior and burnt red lining the Line of Trade Bergen Umbrella are no slouch in the looks department, and the whole thing can be stashed in a bag for transportation. $55


Blunt Lite Umbrella

The Blunt Lite small stick umbrella utilizes a unique design with rounded edges (BLUNT Tips) that create a unique radial tensioning system that distributes opening effort and creates a robust structure that resists the elements. The 40.5″ diameter umbrella utilizes a combination of quick dry polyester, anodized aluminum and TPR rubber to keep you comfortably protected from the elements, and the 64mph (Force 10) wind testing ensures it stands up to even the gnarliest gusts. $80


Davek Solo 2 Umbrella

With an automatic open and close button system that’s also designed to correct the carbon WindFibre frame should it ever become inverted (though we don’t see that happening with a 190 thread count, wind resistant fabric canopy), the Davek Solo 2 Umbrella is a meticulously crafted piece of gear that takes close to 100 steps and over 200 parts to create. Factor in the comfortable handle, the pocket clip, travel sleeve and stylish color options and it’s easy to see why this is the best telescoping umbrella out there. $99


Longchamp Classique Umbrella

If you’re looking for a statement piece that also keeps you dry, French luxury goods manufacturer Longchamp is the only option. Longchamp has been making killer products since the late 1940s, with the Classique Umbrella being the perfect example of their quality and style. Genuine maple wood handle and stick construction. Rich colorways in solid or two-tone options. When you want the most stylish umbrella out there and money is no object, you want something from Longchamp. $195

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