A man’s home says a lot about him. It’s often in the smallest details where the biggest impression is made. That’s why we’ve always been proponents of attractive versions of even the most mundane objects. Like toothbrushes. Yup. Toothbrushes. If you’re still relying on the freebie from the dentist, perhaps it’s time for something a bit sharper, something that will stand out when you have guests over and still clean those chompers just the same. Want a better looking way to keep those pearly whites pearly white? Here are some options.


Ghostly Toothbrush

Made in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan, this toothbrush is murdered out for a reason. The all black handle is paired with bristles containing activated charcoal powder, which naturally deodorizes your mouth, wards off foul breath, and assists in the removal of plaque. That’s all fine and dandy, but what we love is how the soft-bristled brush looks slick as hell in a cup by a faucet.


Humble Brush

Scandinavian design is known for eye-catching simplicity. Those concepts are applied here to the humble toothbrush. Developed by dentists and crafted in Sweden, Humble Brush is built from 100% biodegradable bamboo and cut to be ergonomic. Paired with the natural bamboo is a set of colorful bristles. Choose from black, bright blue, pink, white, or electric yellow. It will add a lively splash of color to your otherwise sterile bathroom.


Morihata Red Binchotan Charcoal Toothbrush

Like the Ghostly Toothbrush that kicked off this list, this scarlet number also comes complete with Binchotan charcoal bristles to prevent bacterial growth and keep your incisors sparkly. Extra soft bristles take it easy on your gums and the red handle stands out in any setting. Plus, thanks to those negative ions, this brush won’t smell funky when it’s time to toss it



Most electric toothbrushes look like they belong on a discount rack at RadioShack. Sure they solve the problem of brushing too hard and/or not thoroughly enough, but all of a sudden you have some hideous electronic device you have to look at every morning. Quip is the alternative. Quip is an electric toothbrush that brushes gently for 2 minutes in short, tooth-sized strokes, but unlike other electric toothbrushes, Quip also looks good while doing it. Select the color handle you dig the most and then sign up for refills and you’ll never need another toothbrush. Best of all, Quip costs far less than other electrics on the market.


Goodwell+Co. Premium Toothbrush

In a way, Goodwell+Co. brings together a lot of what we love about the aforementioned brushes in one package. Sporting removable heads with those Binchotan bristles we’ve mentioned multiple times before, the Premium Toothbrush also features a slick two-tone body, not unlike Quip. What we really dig, however, is the material the company leveraged for their handles. Crafted from recycled aluminum, the brush has a substantial feel to it that you won’t find in other brushes. Choose from silver, black, or gold, all of which look damn sexy.


Nano-b Charcoal & Gold Toothbrush

Like others on this list, the Nano-b Charcoal & Gold Toothbrush features charcoal bristles to naturally remove toxins and help whiten teeth. Unlike the others, however, half of the Nano-b’s bristles are crafted with actual gold particles. Not only does the gold look sharp, but it also naturally guards against bacteria, meaning your toothbrush won’t morph into a petri dish after a few months of use. Part of the bristle layout is designed to mimic flossing, so the idea is you get an all-in-one clean when you brush with the Nano-b. The attractive bristles are paired with a crystal handle accented by one of a few different colors. Each also comes with a clean-looking travel case for trips and travels.


Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Electric Toothbrush

There’s no question you’ll get a better cleaning with a good electric toothbrush, but, like we mentioned in the Quip post, often your options are bulky, poorly-designed eyesores ripped from a Sharper Image catalog circa 1995. That’s not the case with this version of the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean. The handle is clad in a midnight purple that looks moody and sharp with the black heads that get popped into it. We could tell you how it removes 100% more plaque than a manual toothbrush; we could tell you how you’ll improve your gum health in two weeks; we could even tell you how you’ll hit spots you often miss if you use it; but what we love most is how elegant it looks sitting on a sink.


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