When we were kids, we’d spend hours playing cops and robbers with our rubber band guns. Hours would be spent loading and unloading them, and for some time, they were our favorite toys. Even as we got older and our toys turned into high tech drones and two-thousand-dollar mountain bikes, we still often thought about our trusty hand canons. We decided to have a look around to see how rubber band guns have changed over the years, and boy oh boy, business is boomin’! Ready for office warfare? Here are some sold rubber band-flinging options.


Wooden Snipper Rubber Band Rifle

We searched long and hard for a legitimately badass sniper rifle-style rubber band gun, but couldn’t really find anything all that cool. There are plenty of websites that offer tutorials to make completely super realistic and incredibly effective rubber band sniper rifles, but this guide is about providing links to guns you can buy right now. That said, the Wooden Snipper Rubber Band Rifle features a 27-inch long barrel and will shoot with an accuracy of over 30 feet with the right rubber bands, and with its easy to attach scope, every shot will count. Its only drawback is that it can only hold five bands at a time. Of course, if you’re a good enough shot, all you’ll need is one!


PPK Rubber Band Gun

Based on the real-life PPK—the famously preferred weapon by none other than James Bond, the world’s greatest spy—this PPK Rubber Band Gun packs a hell of a punch in an itty-bitty package, just as its deadly older brother intended. It can quick load five bands and shoot accurately up to 20 feet, giving you optimal power to plug some annoying colleagues or take out some tasteless desk ornaments.


Rubber Band MP5

Handmade to be a near-identical replica of a real MP5 submachine gun—down to the adjustable sliding stock—the Model MP5 Rubber Band Machine Gun features beautiful hardwood maple and can fire 24 rubber bands accurately up to 30 feet. It includes rubber bands, instructions, and a wooden display board—which you won’t need, because you’ll be too busy ganking fools.


Rubber Band Pump-Action Shot Gun

There is no act on the planet more gratifyingly badass than racking the pump on a shotgun. While you won’t get exactly the same effect from this Rubber Band Pump-Action Shot Gun, the concept itself was enough to grab our attention. The kit comes completely disassembled with everything you need to put it together, and features laser-cut wood pieces, plastic fasteners, and a package of 100 rubber bands. When put together, the shot gun can fire up to 10 bands at a time at a distance of up to 25 feet three different ways: Single Shot, Rapid Fire, and Shotgun Blast.


The 1911 Rubber Band Gun

Considered by many to be the finest small-arms instrument of war money can buy, the 1911 is a historic pistol seen in Normandy on D-Day, and with our soldiers in Vietnam (and even later!). This rubber band gun features solid walnut and separate maple grips (made in the USA!), and can fire six rubber bands in one load.


The Boss Tommy Gun

The Boss Tommy Gun is exactly what you’d hope—a rubber band Tommy Gun! The 29-inch-long gun has a band stretch of over 16 inches (which means it’ll shoot accurately for over 30 feet), and even features a plastic rear sight to help with aiming. Whether you’re looking for a fun practical prop for next year’s Halloween party, or want to pack a secret weapon for that weekend trip out of town with the buds, this rubber band gun is 10 times more fierce than anything we ever had as kids.

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